Rocket League

Eyam – Norway

Major – Norway

Jwols – Norway

Swampy – The Netherlands

Staar – United Kingdom 

Our main roster in Rocket League is currently playing in the Telialigaen’s 1st division, which is the top level in Norway. We were promoted after we secured 1st place in the 2nd division in the spring season, by winning every single match. With some of the best players in the country and some enforcements, we should be capable to fight for the top 4 spots in the league.

Banansjokolade – Norway

Matti – Norway

Atoms – Norway

Ashura – Norway (substitute)


Our academy team are very promising talents, after which several have the opportunity to take the step up to the 2nd div and 1st div in the Telialigaen in the near future. The team currently plays in Telialigaen’s 3. division.

OnToTarget – Norway

Tønna – Norway (substitute)

Chimmy – Norway

Thirsty – Norway (substitute)


Our talents team is in many ways a development team and part of the Nidaros Academy. Most of our players have at one point or another come via this team, which in the autumn season 2022 plays in the Telialigaens’s 3rd division.

Kristaina – Norway

Thirsty – Norway (substitute)

Raouix – Norway

Icy – Norway 


Prospect is our newest addition to the number of teams in our Academy. Again, to create a structure towards the academy teams and stability towards the distribution of players to the Telialigaen and other competitions. The team plays in the 4th division in the Telialigaen.

We do also have a recruits/community-team, which plays in the “Recruit Series” of Telialigaen and some other smaller tournaments. Join our Discord server to see how you can play your way into one of our academy teams.